Unknown Facts of Jalapeno and Its Health Benefits

If you are one of those who are not familiar with Jalapeno, it is a chili pepper in medium size that originates in Xalapa, Mexico, where it was first grown. It has been known that chili peppers are healthy and is good to include in our regular diet.


Health Benefits of Jalapeno are listed below

  • Ease Headache caused by sinusitis and migraine – kiss goodbye to disturbing headaches due to migraine and sinusitis by including jalapeno in your meals because this type of pepper has the component called capsaicin that slows down substance P, a neuropeptide that transmit brain pain. Capsaicin on the other hand is what makes jalapeno hot.
  • Ease Nasal Congestion and prevents sinusitis – with the help of capsaicin, jalapeno can help ease nasal congestion and prevent sinusitis. Because jalapeno pepper is hot, secretions happen and thus your nasal will be free from mucus and thus, nasal congestion is gone. There is no need for you to purchase those expensive decongestants in drugstores. The antibacterial component of jalapeno helps ease sinus infections.
  • Cancer Fighting Agent – other inviting health benefits of jalapeno is its ability to help fight cancer. A research study has been and the result shows that capsaicin component of jalapeno helps 80 percent of prostate cancer cells that grow in mice eventually are dead allowing for new cells to grow. In addition, according to Dr. Lehmann, M.D., Ph.D., capsaicin in jalapeno also helps slows down the formation of prostate tumors.
  • Regulates Blood Pressure – chili peppers including jalapeno is rich in vitamins A, C and bioflavinoids that keeps the bloods vessels strong and elastic for a better flow of blood even when blood pressure fluctuates. In addition, peppers make us sweaty while eating allowing fluid to flow and thus reduce the overall blood volume temporarily.
  • Helps prevent Inflammation – the capsaicin component in jalapeno is an anti-inflammatory agent too. As we have mentioned earlier in this article, the Capsaicin component of jalapeno helps slows down Substance P, which will not only relieve headache caused by sinusitis and migraine but also will help with the inflammation process. One day, capsaicin will also be a known cure for psoriasis, arthritis, and diabetic neuropathy.
  • Weight Loss – this is another health benefit than one can enjoy with jalapeno. Capsaicin component in jalapeno has the ability to help lose weight. This component makes jalapeno a thermogenic food, a kind of food that burns calories and fats.

Jalapeno Serving Styles

If you think that chili like jalapeno are just to spice up some dishes and sauces, you should be thinking one more time with the various serving styles you can do with jalapeno, as we unveil them below.

  1. Pickled – pickled jalapenos can be prepared sliced or whole and served either hot or cold. Normally pickled jalapenos are served on top of nachos along with melted cheese.
  2. Chipotles – in this type of serving, ripe jalapenos are smoked and then served.
  3. Jalapeno Jelly – through jelling method, jalapeno is served in this way.
  4. Jalapeno peppers – served in mixed drinks, jalapeno in this serving style is muddled most of the time.
  5. Jalapeno Poppers – is a style of jalapeno serving that is also known as armadillo eggs. This serving style is an appetizer, wherein jalapeno is stuffed with cheese and breaded or wrapped in bacon and cooked.
  6. Stuffed jalapeno – in this serving style, jalapeno is emptied and stuffed with cheese, meat, seafood or poultry and served fresh or cooked.
  7. Chiles toreados –this serving style is done by sautéing jalapeno until skin are blistered then served topped with cheese.
  8. Texas toothpicks – it is a shaved onions and jalapenos into straws. The straws are then breaded lightly, deep-fried, and served.

The health benefits of jalapenos range from pain relief, to blood pressure regulator, and all the way to fighting cancer.


Author: leonilyn

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